Casino International Brno

We are back! Rebuy Stars Casinos will open on Monday, May 11 from midnight!

We have good news for all fans of smart entertainment! Rebuy Stars Casinos are back! According to Department 73 of Czech Government Resolution No. 493 of 30 April 2020 on the adoption of a crisis measure, Rebuy Stars Casinos will reopen from 11 May 2020.

We invite all players at midnight from Sunday 10th to Monday 11th May 2020 for the first slots spins, roulette spins and handing out cards at the blackjack table.

Rebuy Stars Casino - re-opening - covid-19

Extraordinary bonuses

We have carefully passed our LUCKY MONEY Loyalty Program and we will give extra bonuses to all premium players who have provided us with their valid e-mail according to the level of your current membership. Don’t forget to check your e-mail box at this weekend, so that you have another motivation to come back to your favorite Rebuy Stars Casino.

Security precautions

Current government regulations continue to ban the distribution of drinks and snacks indoors, so bars will be closed in all Rebuy Stars Casinos until May 25. An exception is casinos, which include outdoor gardens where drinks can be consumed (Casino Savarin Prague, Casino Luka Prague, Casino Gerská Plzeň, Casino Papírnická Plzeň).

Likewise, the mandatory covering of mouth and nose with a face mask and disinfection of hands when entering enclosed spaces remains in force, and staff will also be equipped with hygienic gloves (for players, gloves are voluntarily available at the casino reception). For hygienic reasons, it’s also not possible to operate a cloakroom. We also recommend spacings between individual players of approximately 2 m and the use of the Cashless program LUCKY MONEY. All slots and game cards are regularly disinfected. If you have any questions, please contact your local staff. Thank you for respecting the set rules and not leaving us in it.

Covid-19 - bezpecnost - casina - Rebuy Stars

What can you play?

From Sunday midnight, regularly disinfected slots and live game (roulette, Blackjack, Easy Hold’em) are available 24 hours a day. We do our best to comply with Czech Government regulations so that we can organize the first poker tournament and cash game as soon as possible. We will inform you.

Rebuy Stars Casinos are open 24/7 from Monday 11 May:

  • Rebuy Stars Casino Savarin, Prague
  • Rebuy Stars Casino Luka, Prague
  • Rebuy Stars Casino Lužiny, Prague
  • Rebuy Stars Casino Florenc, Prague
  • Rebuy Stars Casino International Brno
  • Rebuy Stars Casino Plzen Plaza
  • Rebuy Stars Casino Area Bory, Pilsen
  • Rebuy Stars Casino Majerova, Pilsen
  • Rebuy Stars Casino Luna, Pilsen
  • Rebuy Stars Casino Purkynova, Pilsen
  • Rebuy Stars Casino Gerská, Pilsen
  • Rebuy Stars Casino Magic, Pilsen
  • Rebuy Stars Casino Metro, Pilsen
  • Rebuy Stars Casino Klatovská, Pilsen
  • Rebuy Stars Casino Papírnická, Pilsen
  • Rebuy Stars Casino OAZA Kladno
  • Rebuy Stars Casino Central Kladno (later opening here)
  • Rebuy Stars Casino Hana Prostejov

We are Rebuy Stars. Smart casino for smart people.