Tournaments rules

Beginning of tournaments

Tournaments organized by our club always start at a predetermined time (19:00)

Players take seats at the tables they have drawn.

Before any tournament has started, the position of dealer is drawn at one of the tables, usually at the first table. Each player gets a face up card. A player with the highest card becomes the dealer. In case more players have cards of the same value, their ranking is then determined based on the suit in this manner: spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs.

How the tournaments are conducted

All players must place mandatory bets (small blind, big blind, ante if need be). If a player leaves the table, the mandatory bet will be placed automatically (by dealer). Cards of a player, who is not present before dealing of the first card, will be automatically folded.

Breaks during a tournament are usually held every hour and a half or every two hours.

If there are less players at some of the tables, the floorman will re-seat the players in such a manner, so there is the same number of players at each table (i.e. at a table there cannot be 2 more players that at any other table). Always a player from a table with the highest number of participants will be moved, the player will be placing the big blind in the next game. A player who is being moved will assume his new place in such a manner (if possible) so he could pay a big blind as soon as possible.

As soon as the number of players drops into a multiple of nine (9, 18, 27..), the table with the highest serial number will be dismissed and the players from the table will be re-seated to empty seats at other tables based on ticket drawing. Therefore a situation can occur, that a player who were placing the big blind in the last game at a different table, will be placing it again.

While assuming places at the final table, all places are to be drawn together with the dealer’s position.

Tournaments termination

A player will be eliminated from the tournament, when he loses all his chips (except for re-entry tournaments).

If 2 players from the same table are eliminated at the same time, the player who had more chips before the game had started will be placed to higher position. If two players end up on the same place (they were eliminated from the same table and they had the same number of chips), the potential winnings of both positions will be counted up and each of the players will receive a half of it.

When there are only 2 players left in the tournament, the player who is to place the big blind will do so, the other player places the small blind and becomes the dealer at the same time. Small blind (dealer) is first in making statement before flop, in other betting rounds he is always second.

All tournaments end, when one of the players wins all the chips. An exception is acceptable only in a potential qualification for another tournament, when the given tournament can have more than one winner.

Game ethics

Players must respect game ethics at all times as well as avoid any inappropriate or offensive remarks towards other players and dealers. A failure to compliance with these rules can result in putting the player out of the tournament without returning his deposit.

Basic types of tournaments

Freezout – a tournament, where each player gets the same number of chips, without the possibility of buying other ones. When he loses his chips, he is excluded from the tournament.

Re-entry – a tournament, where it is possible to buy more starting chips (1x, 2x or unlimitedly), when a player is put out of the tournament during the registration phase. Re-entry phase is set out in prior. Usually it is the first 5-7 registration levels. If possible, the player is given a different seat than he sat in previously.