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The referral program will bring you up to CZK 10,000 for each friend!

Join the new referral program of Rebuy Stars Casino throughout the Czech Republic and earn “effortlessly” up to CZK 10,000! It’s simple. Bring a friend who registers at Rebuy Stars Casino and draw both advantageous financial bonuses. How many real friends do you have? You’ll figure it out soon!

Referral program LUCKY MONEY - banner - Rebuy Stars Casino

Come in person with a friend at the reception of any Czech Rebuy Stars Casino, let him/her report to him as a so-called “recommending person”, fill in both your e-mails, and you can start drawing. It couldn’t be easier! What to do about it?

LUCKY MONEY Referral Rules:

  • when a recommended friend enters the SILVER level, you will both get 500 CZK
  • when a recommended friend enters the GOLD level, you will both get CZK 3,000
  • when a recommended friend enters the PLATINUM level, you will both get CZK 10,000

The more real friends you have, the more bonuses you draw, that makes sense! The bonus can be credited once for each recommended player. Good luck.

LUCKY MONEY Referral Program Terms:

  • both guests (current and recommended) must come to the reception of Rebuy Stars Casino in person / it’s also possible to tolerate reporting the ID number or name and address of the current player by the recommended player
  • for active participation in the referral program it is necessary to report e-mails at the reception and verify them in your e-mail box / without verified e-mails it is not possible to draw bonuses from the referral program
  • bonuses are always credited within 24 hours of meeting the above conditions
  • Rebuy Stars reserves the right to make any changes in performance