Casino Luka Praha

The Luka Casino will celebrate 10 years in Oscar style!

If a child celebrates the tenth birthday, that’s a nice thing to do. But if the company lives to see its tenth birthday, there is cause for a proper and glorious celebration! Prague’s Rebuy Stars Casino Luka is celebrating its tenth birthday in style. Come and see the spectacular Oscar-style night on Tuesday, December 7. There will be a lot of reward, especially among all the guests present.

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All passersby will understand that something special is happening here today. We’ll roll out the red carpets for you, we’ll build a limo, we’ll light honest fires, we’ll put on fire-shows and festive fireworks. There will be a special festive catering, a tasting of rums, wines and cigars, plenty of pretty hostesses, a DJ with perfect music, or a traditional guide to the evenings at Rebuy Stars Casinos – moderator Jakub Urban (Ráádio Impuls,

For all guests, we have prepared a special Jackpot Night in which we guarantee that in a single night they attack slot jackpots worth CZK 300,000! Poker fans will also come into their own with an equal one million CZK tournament, with an entrance fee of 3,500 CZK. What about the trophy? It will, of course, be in the shape of an Oscar. The evening’s host then prepared special competitions for you for thousands of crowns or slot tournaments for other Oscar statuettes. There won’t be any special VIP guests you just haven’t met. You’ll meet them at a traditional evening live game of Black Jack or roulette. We’ll say no more.

Admission is free, of course, with compulsory registration by law. If you’re not registered with the Rebuy Stars Casino network, don’t forget to bring a valid identity document. The tenth birthday of Rebuy Stars Casino Luka is also subject to a prescribed dress code, a smart casual. We look forward to your visit.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021, 6 p.m., Rebuy Stars Casino Luka, Prague

  • Jackpot Night o CZK 300,000
  • Poker for 1.000.000 CZK with entry of 3.500 CZK
  • Tens of thousands of crowns competitions
  • Festival catering as well as welcome drinks
  • Beautiful hostesses are obvious
  • Fire-Show and other surprises
  • Festive fireworks
  • VIP limousine
  • Moderator Jakub Urban
  • DJ and festive music
  • Degustation of rums and cigars
  • Somelier with wines
  • Photo Point
  • Dress code: Smart casual