Casino Luka Praha

The live game runs 24/7 at Casino Luka Prague

If you’re a resident of the western part of Prague and the surrounding area, be smart. We have great news for you. If you don’t know where to go for fun, try Stodůlky and the local traditional Rebuy Stars Casino Luka. You’ll have fun with dozens of the latest slots, you’ll play poker regularly, but most importantly you can travel thousands of kilometers far away to Las Vegas, US. Try American Roulette, Blackjack or Easy Hold’em with a dealer. The live game runs 24/7 in Casino Luka Prague!

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Morning warm-up after breakfast, lunch break, afternoon meeting with friends, evening party with colleagues – there is always a reason to have fun. Rebuy Stars Casino Luka in Prague‘s Stodůlky runs a live game 24/7. Don’t look back and come have fun where it makes sense.

We’re Rebuy Stars – a smart casino, for smart people.