Casino Luka Praha

Nobody has this in Prague! IGT and EGT exclusively in Rebuy Stars

We feel pride. Rebuy Stars is the first company in the Czech Republic to bring phenomenal IGT and EGT slots to Prague. Come and have fun in Prague’s Rebuy Stars Casino and enjoy the game, which brings crowds of game-hungry guests to the prestigious world entertainment stalls. Enjoy more fun and more winnings with IGT and EGT slots.

EGT a IGT - Praha - Rebuy Stars - Luka, Lužiny

A total of 12 pieces of IGT and 4 pieces of EGT can be found from Tuesday, August 11, in Prague’s Casino Luka. Another 6 pieces of IGT from Wednesday, August 12, in the casino in Prague’s Lužiny. Extremely generous jackpots are a matter of course. We look forward to your visit. Come have fun with friends where it makes sense.

We are Rebuy Stars – smart casino, for smart people.