Casino Luka Praha

JACKPOT NIGHT brings CZK 200,000 to Prague.

We’re back! Rebuy Stars Casino brings clever entertainment to Prague just again, an integral part of which are the regular JACKPOT NIGHTS, which you loved so much in the Fall of last year. The first Prague JACKPOT NIGHT comes on Thursday, June 18 (in the afternoon), for the first time in CASINO SAVARIN with a price tag of CZK 100,000 for an evening in slots jackpots! One week later, the jackpot orchestra will be sounded in Prague’s Casino Luka, just again with a one-night jackpot of CZK 100,000.

  • The first JACKPOT NIGHT ever at Casino Savarin

On Thursday, June 18, the popular JACKPOT NIGHT will be launched for the first time at 4PM in the Savarin Casino in the historical center of Prague. Come and breathe in the atmosphere of the First Republic in the original premises of the Savarin Palace, where the local casino has been in continuous operation just since 1905. Casino Savarin currently has 86 slots, on which we will upload* a total amount of CZK 100,000. We guarantee the distribution of the entire amount in the form of slots jackpots during this evening. And that’s not all! This evening we have prepared a poker tournament for you – GTD CZK 250,000, buy-in CZK 1,700! American roulette, Blackjack or cash game is a matter of course.

  • JACKPOT NIGHT at Casino Luka is back after quarantine

Nowhere else have you loved JACKPOT NIGHT like in the Rebuy Stars Casino in Prague’s Luka. We have good news for you! We’re also bringing JACKPOT NIGHT back to Casino Luka! Just on Friday, June 26, we’ll distribute slots jackpots for CZK 100,000 during this evening. In addition, the traditional slots event will be complemented by a prestigious poker tournament – GTD CZK 250,000, buy-in CZK 1,000! During the evening, live game and cash game are a matter of course.

Go where it makes sense. We’re Rebuy Stars – a smart casino, for smart people.

* JACKPOT NIGHT doesn’t apply to Synot slots