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IGT comes to Czech Rebuy Stars Casino

Do you know what IGT does mean? IGT is a phenomenon that has completely drove all casinos in Las Vegas crazy. IGT are modern slot machines, but they bring you more fun, more joy, more adrenaline and will let you in the game longer, for example, until the highest possible win is achieved. We have great news for you – IGT is coming to the Czech Republic, exclusively to your city. You can find IGT from September in Prague, Pilsen, Kladno or Karlovy Vary just in Rebuy Stars Casinos. Come have fun where it makes sense. We are Rebuy Stars – smart casino, for smart people.

Play IGT slots in Rebuy Stars just from September:

  • Casino Savarin Prague
  • Casino Luka Prague
  • Casino Luziny Prague
  • Casino Florenc Prague
  • Casino Pilsen Plaza
  • Casino Area Bory Pilsen
  • Casino Magic Pilsen
  • Casino Thermal Karlovy Vary
  • Casino OAZA Kladno
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