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The Czech Poker Championship with 400,000 euros prize pool will take place in April at the Rebuy Stars Casino Savarin, right in the heart of Prague in the Czech Republic!

The key events during the Czech Poker Championship:

18.-23.4.  NL Holdem CPC Main Event 200.000 €
11.-15.4.  NL Holdem CPC Cup            80.000 €
16.-17.4. NL Holdem CPC High Roller 40.000 €

Discover the top-level entertainment in the heart of Prague!

Rebuy Stars opens largest poker room in Prague at the Savarin Palace in March, which will welcome the Czech Poker Championship in April. Rebuy Stars is a network of renowned Czech, Slovak and Croatian casinos and poker rooms, hosting some of the biggest tournaments in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

“We want to play a leading role when it comes to the quality and the environment where every player feels comfortable and relaxed, and the Baroque Palais Savarin in the “Na Příkopě” street, where a gentlemen’s club was already housed in 1905, is perfect for this project. We have invested in renovations and refurbishments to provide modern comfort while preserving the original features of the old style, as at that time card players from Austria and Hungary played here, “says Rebuy Stars Director David Huspeka.

Magic 200,000 €! This is the prize pool for the main event of the Czech Championship!

The NL Hold’em Main Event will take place from April 18th to 23rd at the Rebuy Stars Casino Savarin. The total prize pool of the Trophy and title tournament of the first Czech champion have climbed to a staggering 200,000 €! For 200 € Buy-in you get a starting stack of 50,000 chips.

A total of 80,000 € will be paid out at Casino Savarin Prague for the NL Hold’em Czech Poker Championship Cup.

In the week of April 11th-15th, everything in the center of Prague will revolve around the NL Holdem CPC Cup. The prize pool of the multi-day special has a value of 80,000 €! For only 90 € Buy-in you have the chance to receive fantastic prize money and the trophy of the Czech Republic champion!

The NL Hold’em Czech Poker Championship High Roller has a 40,000 € sticker!

On the 16th and 17th of April, thanks to the two-day special NL Holdem CPC High Roller, you will be able to win the title of the Czech champion in addition to the 40,000 € prize pool. The tournament will start on April 16, with a Buy-in of  600 €.

The entire CPC Poker Festival brings more interesting events:

Outside the Baroque palace in the center, you can enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere of spring in Prague, which is lined with beautiful squares in the historic center. During your stay you will certainly taste a glass of the world-famous Czech beer.



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