Casino Luka Praha

The referral program will bring you up to CZK 10,000 for each friend!

Join the new referral program of Rebuy Stars Casino throughout the Czech Republic and earn “effortlessly” up to CZK 10,000! It’s simple. Bring a friend who registers at Rebuy Stars Casino and draw both advantageous financial bonuses. How many real friends do you have? You’ll figure it out soon!

The grand finale of the Million Summer is hosted on 17 September by Casino Luka

Throughout this holiday, you competed for participation among the two hundred finalists of the great summer game MILLION SUMMER by Rebuy Stars Casino, which guarantees the distribution of one million CZK. We have great news for you. The final results of the TOP200 are here. If you see your ID among the TOP200, congratulations. Just on Thursday evening, September 17, we will all meet at Rebuy Stars Casino Luka in Prague, to compete for juicy annuities.

Nobody has this in Prague! IGT and EGT exclusively in Rebuy Stars

We feel pride. Rebuy Stars is the first company in the Czech Republic to bring phenomenal IGT and EGT slots to Prague. Come and have fun in Prague’s Rebuy Stars Casino and enjoy the game, which brings crowds of game-hungry guests to the prestigious world entertainment stalls. Enjoy more fun and more winnings with IGT and EGT slots.

IGT comes to Czech Rebuy Stars Casino

Do you know what IGT does mean? IGT is a phenomenon that has completely drove all casinos in Las Vegas crazy. IGT are modern slot machines, but they bring you more fun, more joy, more adrenaline and will let you in the game longer, for example, until the highest possible win is achieved. We have great news for you - IGT is coming to the Czech Republic, exclusively to your city. You can find IGT from September in Prague, Pilsen, Kladno or...

The live game runs 24/7 at Casino Luka Prague

If you’re a resident of the western part of Prague and the surrounding area, be smart. We have great news for you. If you don’t know where to go for fun, try Stodůlky and the local traditional Rebuy Stars Casino Luka. You’ll have fun with dozens of the latest slots, you’ll play poker regularly, but most importantly you can travel thousands of kilometers far away to Las Vegas, US. Try American Roulette, Blackjack or Easy Hold’em with a dealer. The live game runs 24/7 in Casino Luka Prague!

JACKPOT NIGHT brings CZK 200,000 to Prague.

We’re back! Rebuy Stars Casino brings clever entertainment to Prague just again, an integral part of which are the regular JACKPOT NIGHTS, which you loved so much in the Fall of last year. The first Prague JACKPOT NIGHT comes on Thursday, June 18 (in the afternoon), for the first time in CASINO SAVARIN with a price tag of CZK 100,000 for an evening in slots jackpots! One week later, the jackpot orchestra will be sounded in Prague's Casino Luka, just again with...

We are back! Rebuy Stars Casinos will open on Monday, May 11 from midnight!

We have good news for all fans of smart entertainment! Rebuy Stars Casinos are back! We invite all players at midnight from Sunday 10th to Monday 11th May 2020 for the first slots spins, roulette spins and handing out cards at the blackjack table. We look forward to your visit. Thank you for remaining part of Rebuy Stars.

The Czech Poker Championship with 400,000 euros prize pool will take place in April at the Rebuy Stars Casino Savarin, right in the heart of Prague in the Czech Republic!

🏆 CPC PLO - results 🏆 CPC Ladies - results 🏆 CPC CUP - results 🏆 CPC High Roller - results 🏆 CPC Main Event - results The key events during the Czech Poker Championship: DATE EVENT PRIZE POOL 18.-23.4.  NL Holdem CPC Main Event 200.000 € 11.-15.4.  NL Holdem CPC Cup            80.000 € 16.-17.4. NL Holdem CPC High Roller 40.000 € Discover the top-level entertainment in the heart of Prague! Rebuy Stars opens largest poker room in Prague at...