Casino Luka Praha

Butchering feast in Casino Luka: Poker for 500K, Jackpot Night for 200K

On Friday, November 26th will be celebrated at Prague’s Rebuy Stars Casino Luka. After last year’s success, we are returning the traditional old-fashioned butchering feast to our entertainment portfolio! There will be sausage, jelly, haggis, traditional soup and, of course, no beer or plum brandy. At poker tables you can fight in a special for a  CZK 500,000 GTD. MEGA Jackpot Night awaits slot players with jackpots worth CZK 200,000 falling in the course of a single evening.

  • The poker special offers rewards of CZK 500,000 from 18:00

Classic NL Holdem by CZK 500,000. Still, you could call it the fairly regular format of the Casino Luka tournament, which kicks off at 6 p.m. on the last Friday in November. A buy-in worth CZK 1,700 will get you into the tournament. Late reg will stretch to 10 levels after 25 minutes for this tournament. We recommend arriving on time, such tournaments are of huge interest in Luka.

  • MEGA Jackpot Night will give away CZK 200,000

The popular Jackpot Nights have attracted more than one slot player to Luka. Extra slot Jackpots fall in a single evening, and on Friday 26/11, immediately worth CZK 200,000. This is really worth it!

  • Honest Czech butchering feast on the Terrace

Don’t worry, we’re not chasing a pig around a casino. Despite this, the traditional butchering-feast treats will be prepared for you throughout the evening, with the butcher tuning in from the morning. Sausage, jelly, haggis, butt bun and other traditional meat-based snacks. Of course there’s a beer and a plum brandy.

We look forward to your visit.