Casino Savarin Prague

Actually: Bonus of CZK 30,000 for live game at Casino Savarin

We’re spinning the wheel of fortune! Anyone who comes to have a fun for a live game at the Rebuy Stars Casino Savarin – in Na Prikope 10 Street, Prague  – will have the opportunity to spin-in the extra bonus, up to CZK 30,000, just until the end of this June.

Rebuy Stars - Casino Savarin - Praha - kolo stesti - ziva hra - cerven 2020

Get an extra bonus to live game at roulette, at the Blackjack table or at Easy Hold’em poker. It’s so easy. Just come to the main hall of Casino Savarin, want to actively participate in the live game and the local pitboss will give you the opportunity to spin-in any amount on the wheel of fortune.

And that’s not all. We appreciate our guests, so we decided to pay the spin-in extra bonuses based on the LUCKY MONEY Loyalty Program as follows:

  • CLUB (thus also newly registered guests) + SILVER = gets the amount spinned-in
  • GOLD = gets twice the amount spinned-in
  • PLATINUM = gets three times the amount spinned-in


* One person can spin once a day. The condition for claiming the amount spinned is an active live game within 10 minutes of spinning. Rebuy Stars Casino Savarin reserves the right to change the rules. The event lasts until 30.6. or until further notice. The event is organized by Lucky Money a.s.

Go have fun where it makes sense. We’re Rebuy Stars – a smart casino, for smart people.

Casino Savarin (open 24/7) in Prague’s Na Prikope Street is the oldest land-based casino in Central Europe, which was also visited, for example, by President T.G. Masaryk. We wrote here.